• The FIAT/Lada 124 was just featured on "James May's Cars of the People" last night on BBC America.

    Here's a link to the full episode that should work until the BBC finds it and shuts it down. It's entertaining and beautifully shot.

    • I watched that episode in its entirety; great show! Thanks for the link. It's like a Top Gear history lesson without all the idiocy. I for one am actually a big fan of James May. He would make a great uncle or godfather.

    • First, please keep your poker covered at all times, we don't need any embarrassing mishaps. Second, I hadn't noticed it was published over at that other site. To be honest, they post a lada cars these daze and I just can't keep track sometimes. I try to not cover stuff that has already been beaten to death around the interwebs…but it happens.

      Penalty accepted, I will now do twenty push ups for punishment…1…2…3…oof..

      Vince DT EIC

    • After further video review, the penalty flag is reversed; While you did feature a car also listed on BaT, it was not one of the features listed for 5-10x current true market value. Repeat the down.

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