• Alright, BIR. I am starting to feel as if you have been hired by my wife to tempt me…over and over and over again. I am already going to check last weeks ES up the coast this Friday. Now, this.

  • I was at the swap meet on Saturday. I didn't see this car there, but I was looking at a pristine '63 Coupe de Ville which sold to the guy who looked at it after me for $15,000. The person who bought it was a dealer, uploaded photos of it from his phone to his website and sold it same day for $18,000.

    OTOH I did score a typewriter for $10. Big deal, right? Except it's an Olivetti Valentine, sits prominently in the Museum of Modern Art, and goes on fleabay, when found, for $500 – $800. So not a bad day even though I missed on the Cadillac.

    Any price on the 544 next to it?

  • I was at the Big 3 too………..only spent 3 hours there though .had to resist ….this year seemed to be a whole lot more than in the past couple of years…either a sign the economy is picking up or going down again….

    I saw this 1800 ES…and the '63 Caddy…….most of the cars in the car corral looked a bit on the high side..I think even at 15K the Caddy while beautiful was too high.dealer screwing ….well that speaks for itself

  • Seems like this is about $10-12,000 worth of a Volvo… I have one in gold, and had one in blue. Both priced much higher than this one. …oh, yes, and I do love that 544! You don't see them that clean very often.

  • Agree the price sounds good. I emailed him and it sounds like there are a few more details to work out than I want to dive into right now. So, I will have to allow another of

  • I checked it out yesterday. He is a decent guy. It would be mine today but I had to back out: I'm just too damned tall for it. At 6'2" I have to hunch down or drive like a pimp to see out the windshield.

    It is a great driver car. Started, stopped, ran out fine. It has a couple issues that about $500 in parts would fix (notice in the pic half the windshield trim is missing). The rear view mirror could afford to be replaced. Couple of knick nacks here and there.

    Someone shorter than 6'2" will get a great looking car.

    • ~ maybe someone else can provide a definitive answer but recall my brother Dean telling me that it is an easy task to relocate the seat tracks to make the car comfortable for tall drivers. provision was made by the factory to do so without drilling, he told me.

    • AbnMike- I noticed the same thing about the mirror but saw that one of his friends had two for sale at $10/each. I'm also 6'2 and fit and fit quite comfortably; but then again, I like to drive pretty close to the wheel and that usually provides a little more headroom by staying forward of the rearward slope of the roof, but cars are like shoes, they've gotta fit.
      My sense of the guy was that he's very reliable. He's apparently built quite a following of Volvo owners.
      My biggest impression was that a weekend could be spent detailing the interior and increase the visual impact dramatically. Same thing with the engine compartment.

    • Yeah I am more torso than leg apparently so from my ass up I'm really tall but only have about a 32" inseam. So seat close enough to really work the pedals results in my head touching the roof of the car.

      Which is a shame because I loved it and would have bought it but ultimately it ended up being a safety issue – couldn't see in the side view mirror without moving my body, etc, etc.

      It really is a great car and you're right – a weekend of some detailing and a couple bar tabs on some odds and ends and it would show perfectly. Hell even at the state it's in a non-Volvo-familiar person would likely never see the couple of very very minor issues.

  • How was the quality of the rust repair, guys? Seller
    Told me that it had quite a bit of repair done and that always makes me a little worried, hence my hesitance…

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