• I am requesting forgiveness for posting that HUGE picture the other day of this wagon.
    I was coping various size pictures to see how big they looked and posted the wrong one.
    Then I couldn't figure out how to delete the post.
    [img] img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20061218211917/uncyclopedia/images/5/59/Fall-on-sword.png[/img]

  • This is a Fairlane, and an early one, it's closer to 3200-3300lb.

    Don't think power windows were offered on these, they were rare even in the Galaxies.

    Disc brakes were not offered and very few went out the door with power brakes.

    I'm guessing 30-40% got power steering, the big problem with the manual steering isn't that it's heavy (it isn't) but that it's VERY VERY VERY slow.

    You don't want the factory power steering in this car anyway, what you gain in getting rid of the Mauretania-helm steering ratio you lose in precision, the Ford power steering was a thing with a valve on the linkage and an external cylinder and a bunch of hoses and four inches of slop built in at the wheel. You need to go to the aftermarket, probably the Borgeson conversion.

  • This is not a big wagon guys. This emphasis on the need for power steering, disc brakes etc makes me laugh most days I read it. What are we a bunch of rest home habitues?

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