• Two door, check 4 speed, check dual quads, uh, sure check….. then what the Fong is that ? Somebody cut a square hole in the dash for a cassette deck? The hell? Actually other than that it looks like a fun car.(4.7 mpg dual quads might be a tough sell for the significant other though…) but yolo.. NP

  • This car with a V8 weighed 3,345 lbs. when shipped. Building this engine with a strong hydraulic cam, flat tops, double bump heads and some headers should yield 1 hp/cu in. And, as everyone knows, 10lbs/hp is where the fun starts. I'd dump the dual quads and throw on a Holley Spread Bore with a good manifold just to keep the thing from eating me out of house and home.

  • Is this the Prelude from '63? Is a mid sized 2 door with mediocre performance (un-enhanced) collectible?

    It seems a car with big production numbers and bad paint should have a lower price tag.

  • With a dab of paint this thing could possibly bring $25k up here in eastern canukistan. That's how these things work here, buy at a decent price do very little and crank the price by 45 to 50%.

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