• hi I am gona show this 16v this Saturday morning at Irvine coffee and cars at 6:30 am I will be there to answer any question.tnx a million dailyturismo.com

  • I'm pretty sure the 190 Cosworth preceded the E30 M3 – googling… here we go, straight from Jalopnik:

    The 2.3 Cosworth was extremely successful in DTM racing. So successful in fact, that BMW took notice and gave their E30 the ///M treatment. Yes, you read that right, without the 190E Cosworth the E30 M3 would have probably never existed.

  • If memory serves, and this was Car and Driver's press car, that would make it the one they sent back to M-B with a "flattering pleat" in the passenger-side rear door.
    Feel free to correct me, but I could swear I read that somewhere….

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