• For a New England car, it doesn't have nearly the amount of rust I'd expected to see. Very well presented. All of the rust areas highlighted are common / known for the S30 chassis. This looks like a decently sorted driver that shows OK and will bring many more miles of enjoyment to the new owner. I'd attend to that rust in 3 – 5 years, but for now, keep it clean and dry and you'll barely notice it.

    Re: the EFI system. I was brought up in an EFI world, there are certainly worse systems to operate/maintain out there. [Flame suit on]: I actually prefer diagnosing EFI problems vs. having to dissect the eleventy billion moving parts found in those evil pieces of sorcery you people call carburetors. -Sincerely, someone who just spent his weekend bathing in fuel trying to diagnose a float bowl issue, then sync a pair of SU's.

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