• That's awful. Somehow, it works for me when it's in a Miata, but in a AR Spider? No. Just…no. Misses the entire point of the car. Due to my short attention span and writing too quickly I'm worse than than the next, but I'm sure the "y" was just a boo-boo. This is not a Spyder.

    • See? I wrote, "than than". Sheesh. Sorry, Vince.

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    • It is awful——-awfully badass! The point of a Camry is to go from A to B, but if you put awd, a Hellcat crate motor, and a 6 spd manual in it, I'm going to like it a lot better, original point be damned.

    • Ha ha! Understandable.

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  • All functional engine swaps are, in their own way, beautiful, as long as they add horsepower to the vehicle. This is no exception.

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