• Scary and fun, two thing that go together really well.
    Can you imagine driving this in the 909 amongst the Bros in their monster energy drink prerunners?

    • With the flatbills pulled down as far as possible, their field of vision is about 10% of a normal human, so this trike wouldn't even register on their bro-dar. You'd have to get about 200 feet away from the aforementioned prerunners to be even slightly visible.

    • Yo, keep dat dirt bike in the back at all time Bro. You never know when you will need to do some mad whips out there.
      (I hope I am not offending any of the flatbiller society out there)

    • Rehabilitated flatbrimmer here, I'm deeply offended and am taking my ball and going home. Yo.

      Seeing all of those fiberglass-fendered 4×2 "prerunners" dragging ass around the IE is not a sight I miss from the driver's seat of my Z. Driving [a friend's] Tundra 'prerunner' reminded me of taxiing in a taildragger.

    • Thought Monday was the day, but false alarm. 40-41 transition this week… Doc says they're going to induce the 4th if he's still holed up in there. Stubborn kid, already. To say the wife is ready would be an understatement.

      Also, nice to have you back, K2MC.

  • I love the fact that the seller has to explicitly mention that it has "full car controls — steering wheel, three pedals, and a shifter"…because you might otherwise think it uses a rope to steer or Flintstone's brakes.

  • I really like the concept, but would ditch the Gold Wing motor for a 2.2 Subaru mill in FWD mode. Can't weight much more, but you'd gain power, traction, a rear gear, and more cockpit room since there'd be no need for a transmission tunnel. Hmmm. I'm having bad thoughts. Do I build one of those or do the Lemons team for next year? Decisions, decisions….

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