• This thing is just beautiful. That 6bt almost makes me forget that it isn't a coupe. So much better than any Ford crate engine would be and just enough torque to really move that heavy metal. Looks like it has some rust, unless the picture is just funny, in the rear. I wish they would include more information on the transmission, but I'm still happy just to know that this exists.

  • I'm seeing a bunch of details needing cleanup, and I'd like to think the rest of the job was done better.

    The interior addons are aesthetically spotty, but that's not a big thing. I don't understand use of a fuel cell, diesel's less flammable than a case of good Scotch. No air filter on the gaping maw of the hair dryer? You'd think with the money spent on the Dana 60 he'd have found a few extra bucks for some discs.

    Great concept, the fit of the engine in the car doesn't leave it with big ugly lumps and bumps, but it does need finishing.

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