• I have two words for you: fire wall (OK, maybe that is just one word).

    Back in the 70s, I used to race a Ford Anglia in autocross. To solve traction problems, we relocated the engine to where the passenger seat used to be. Protection was every bit as lacking as on this Corvair. So, I know exactly what this driving experience would be like….. and I still wanna do it!

  • Man that's my kind of ride. Only a few things I would do… Add a steel firewall behind the seats and some kind of plexi lid above the engine. Then source some of the missing trim and give the paint a polish. Then drive drive drive.

  • "The better to def-eat you with, my dear!" and the left wing nut jumped out of the Corvair and gobbled poor Little Red Euromoto up.

    But just then, an editor happened to be scrolling by, heard the commotion and burst into the garage.

    "Spit out that commenter this instant, you nut" the editor commanded, "and change your name to something more manageable, like that guy SlowMPGcarLOL whatever."

    So DefeatFarRightWingNuts2012 spit out Euromoto, condensed his or her name to Defuts, and they all jumped back into the Corvair for a round of root beer floats down at the Whiz Burger Drive-In, where they ran into some other car nuts from just down the street, I mean literally, like a block.

    "I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your car blog down!" said… SSSHHHHHZZZZZZZTTTTTT KABOOOOM!!! A small asteroid the size of an E39 water pump smashed into the parking lot, vaporizing everything within 20 mile radius.

    The End

  • are you still drunk? – if so: shrooms – if not: i guess i think i'm funny – none of which changes the fact we are in approximate agreement that a nom de plume like "DefeatFarRightWIngNuts2012" is probably a smidge casually provocative for a forum like this, which has more of an escapist-tinkerer Weltanschauung, which is really all i was getting at – "Defuts" is surely an improvement, no?

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