• I saw this car in person at Bimmerfest in Pasadena this year and it's pretty close to perfect. Its an original blue-plate CA car as far as I could tell, and the exterior reflects that with what I would consider average wear for a 40 year old car. Interior is gorgeous and the custom work, though not my taste at all, is done to a fairly high standard.

    $9k is a bit rich for my blood, but whomever gets this should have a pretty reliable, enjoyable car for the money.

    It is certainly polarizing, and you will get some hate from the purists, but if it were my car I'd keep it at or near stock ride height with some period-correct BMW wheels for daily use, ditch the ones that are on it now, and just enjoy a well preserved and decently sorted Bavaria.

  • I, too, saw this at Bimmerfest. The wheels on it are so atrocious I didn't bother walking closer to get a better look at the rest of the car but it looked good from 50' away.

    I'm definitely biased against the slammed look but I think it's the wheels that do more injustice to this car than the lowering.

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