• When I first saw it I thought it might be a Holden. It does look cool and well put together, but the FWD is a deal breaker for me..

  • Yeah, this is one of those multiple-choice, "For $70K you could federalize a late-model Mideast-market LHD Holden ute with full HSV gubbins, or you could build the nicest LSA-powered '70 El Camino on the road, or you could build this, which one do you NOT do?" questions.

  • I am shocked that this is worth over $5k to more than one person. 2006 was the peak of the american car market, and this should have at least 75% of its value taken off that $21k selling price.

    • There's one excuse for something like this: you own a body shop, you need a shop truck, a Monte Carlo comes in with the rear bashed in and after the quote they write a check to the owner and walk away.

      You need a shop truck and you can write off the work as (a) staff training and/or (b) advertising.


      But…why would someone spend real money to buy this thing from you? Maybe there's one guy in the world who wants to put a 4.8 V8 and a Quaifed 4T65 in it (yeah, the blower Buick crew got Quaife to do a diff for the 4T65 for which there ought to be at least one Volvo S80 owner ecstatic), but I can't imagine there's much more than that…

  • I love it! The day these came out I said they looked more like a pickup truck than a Monte Carlo.Nice to see someone proving me right.

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