• I had the pleasure to ride in and drive one of these in France in the 1980s (owned by a now defunct brother-in-law). The experience truly was magical. The ride seemed other-worldly, because although I could see the road imperfections approaching through the windshield, they would then pass unnoticed beneath the car. A complete absence of forward pitch under braking also was a revelation. Riding in the stretched back seat, with acres of legroom, one had a "let them eat cake" moment. Luxury and technology all wrapped up in an attractively polarizing package. Oh la la!

  • Francis Ford Copala's ride of choice is a DS21 Presitge Palis (I guess I spelled that right). While it had divider glass between rider and driver, the wheel base was no longer than normal, as I recall. I saw it at Death Valley working a film location there back in '94. Check three box's at once: A black Citroen in Death Valley.

    • JB1025, it is not my intention to follow BAT, Jalopnik, Autoblog, Hooniverse or anyone else around, but occasionally there is some overlap (both ways). I feel I would do a disservice to DT's readers if I automatically excluded any BAT/Jalop/Hooniverse/Autoblog cars from feature because not all of DT's readers frequent those sites for a variety of reasons. I will, however, leave you with this image as food for thought!

    • Nine times out of ten they're on here before BAT. Either their staff is watching this site or their readers are submitting the same cars.

  • I think that BAT normally posts cars that were on DT first. I suspect some of their readership follow this site, but then submit over.

    I was following this one and one of the posters there made a cash offer, which he said was beat by a higher cash offer.

  • Non, non, non. We do not want a shifter boot. We need a shifter double moustache! There is so much cool in this car
    Its like a concept vehicle that was released to the public by mistake when the boss was out of town…. But then you
    take it on a roadtrip…and break down in smalltownville… Ah gots sum bad news about your Hahdronewmayyytic suspension thingy….

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