• Freakin' sweet. Not sure about the side skirts, or the rollin' on the bump stops front end (probably needs a set of diesel springs to de-stance-ify it) but I'm loving the e-code headlights and clear corners, 740 turbo grille, and the 6-spd manual trans (hope I didn't offend anyone) V8 combo.

    For around town / occasional trackday that Recaro is probably awesome, but having put close to a half million miles on 700/900 series Volvo seats I can confirm they're pretty well suited to the task of long distance cruising sans fatigue.

    225/50's with that much of a drop in the front must seriously limit this car's turning radius though, so I'd probably stick to 205/50's in the front and something slightly fatter out back (that rear wheel well is pretty narrow on these cars though).

    Overall, awesome car.

    • Addendum: those look like smoked S**b 900 side markers. Having grafted a set onto one of my 700 series cars back in high school, I know they fit. The Volvo factory side markers are more boxy (but good) looking vs the sleek, rounded-ness of the S**b units. Anyone with a better set of eyes want to confirm?

  • Looks like everything about the engine swap is right, and most of the rest is not all that.

    No shiny braided hoses. No K&N cone air filter (the most obvious evidence of the lazy way out.) All good.

    But yeah, the skirts, the stance, Don't like low and it could use more tire.

    If I was starting from scratch – not fond of the 700 sedans, the roofline looks like someone started with a wagon and notched it to make a sedan. And we're almost twenty years down the road with aluminum LSn-family motors, so the old smallblock might as well be a 259 Merc flathead for a swap like this as far as I'm concerned.

    Still, this might work really well if the suspension's sorted.

  • I wonder if these go up for sale right about the time they need spark plugs…and the owner discovers that the engine has to be pulled?

    • Pffft, looks like plenty of room to change the plugs… from underneath.. if you drop the exh manifolds… and have the dexterity and hand size of a female gymnast. haha.

      Can't possibly be as bad as changing the plugs on a DOHC Subaru…

  • Sigh: Another ABC (Anywhere But California) car. This thing looks sweet, but getting it registered here in the Gp;den State would be nearly impossible.

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