• Totally bitchin', brah. Remember when R&T got one if the TSi versions up to 155mph on a banked oval during some comparo? IIRC they brought a slew of euro hotness from all the major players of the day: Countach, 'Rossa, Yellow Bird, Koenig, etc. and threw the TSi in the mix. Held its own like Rocky Balboa.

    Too bad they eat themselves if pushed 0.00001 sec longer than that particular run (see The Engineer's and pretty much any other LeMons Starion/Conquest ridiculousness).

  • Super cool car and nice to see one in black instead of red. Always wanted to get one and do an LS1T56 swap on the cheap, would definitely bring the car up to speed a little better, but as I remember these are pretty heavy cars compared to the 2nd gen RX7 and 944 that share similar size and body style. Amazing to see one with so few miles but wow that's expensive.

  • 1986 Wide bodies were 176hp/220tq at only 7.5psi. In 88 they upped the boost to 10 psi for 188hp/232tq. In 86 they weighed in at 2900lbs, a very very solid chassis.

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