• Love this, although if one was already willing to forego the utility of the wagon, this swap would have been especially awesome in a 780.

  • I see this as a low-stress, high-enjoyment commuter vehicle. Drive it to work every day with plenty of room for your crap in the big square trunk. Being a 4-door sedan it's easy to take groups of coworkers on lunchtime thrill rides. Not worth as much as an equivalent wagon would be, and lighter/stiffer too.

    Once you get bored with it as a DD, gut the interior and turn it into a weekend track-day car that's still legal to drive to & from the road course of your choice. If you wad it up, just go buy another 744 and swap everything over.

  • This is being flipped. This car was just for sale for about 2 weeks in SF Bay CL for $6700. I talked to the guy selling it at that time and it seems pretty good except for some clearcoat issues and needing a new clutch.

  • I checked out this car when it was for sale on craigslist last week. The owner was very honest on it's history and what was needed. It needs a paint job, clutch, and wheels, since it has a bad wobble at 60+ MPH due to a bent rim. I would say 5K is a fair price for this car, but $8500 is over the top. I decided on planning to buy a 960 wagon and install the LS1 and swap kit.

  • A tad late on this one but I had to say something… I like this and the only thing I would do is add some titans or hydra stock Volvo wheels. And maybe a Volvo shift knob. Then I'd practice keeping this thing between the ditches and maybe some cones.
    My ultimate v8lvo is a late 90's s90 sedan with a lsx and a tko 5 speed. Someday I'll find just the right one and make it happen.

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