• I've ridden in one of these. Truly an amazing car, quiet, powerful, with the build quality of a modern S-class. The only letdown, depending on your aesthetic, is the styling…which means some people think you are driving the aforementioned $100K Passat. However, at $10-$12K, you are getting an amazing car for the money. Although these are comparatively reliable when compared to a car like an 850i, just don't expect Passat-like repair bills if things go south…

  • Not sure why, but I always thought the W-12 was three banks of four cylinders (two in a wide V, and then another one stuck on top between them. Not sure if I made that up, or if I ever saw such a configuration somewhere.

    Oh, wait, here it is, from a Napier Lion aircraft engine:

    [img] upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/46/LionEngine.jpg[/img]

    Frankly, the VW arrangement looks like a great way to create hot spots where three bores meet on the inside of the bank. How do these engines do in the Real World?

  • Trying to imbed an image here…. Pic of W12 engine, really 2 or the VW short angle V6's put together in a big V config.


    [img] seriouswheels.com/stuv/VW-W12-Engine-1280×960.htm[/img]

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