• Someday, someone will actually make an effort to build something small and usefully-sized again, when I see a current Wrangler out on the road I think 'Why not just buy a f'in Range Rover?'

  • True, but I take exception to the current FC renegade interpretation of that concept, mainly on style points. I built up a JK unlimited to my own personal tastes, doing all the work myself, and it was indeed oversized for its implied purpose. It looked cool, but I realized that what I had built positioned form way ahead of function. I sold it with no regrets. If FC can make a smaller, diesel powered, trail-capable Wrangler that keeps the retro look going, I'd be the first to put down a deposit.

    • Somewhere in muddy southern Italy there was some kid standing by the side of the road in 1944 watching the GIs go up the road thinking 'Someday we will own that company'.

  • I've got nothing really to add (surprise!). Just a picture of a Mini Moke.

    [img] img.alibaba.com/img/pb/876/711/240/1270533312616_hz_fileserver1_1284.jpg[/img]

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