• El Camino Royal Knight (1978-1981) Graphics package available on the Super Sport model. Includes dragon hood decal, Royal Knight name decal on each front fender and tailgate, front air dam, rally wheels, and painted sport mirrors. All decals are color keyed to the body color.

    There are a few for sale around this price though so might be fair. There is always a difference between asking and what they are getting.

  • The Rapture is certainly upon us when one of these Reagan era Malaise-Mobiles from the nadir of American auto engineering is even considered worthy of discussion

    The Reagan Era style over substance was a gruesome time for a car nut

    Whats next………..an Omni?

    • Ask and ye shall receive; we featured an Omni GLHS during our 50 Cars in 24 Hours birthday blogstravaganza:


  • ~ among myfavorite daily drivers was my '78 El Camino SS w/ 350/4speed, bucket seats, and a roof height fiberglass HopCap and/or vinyl tonneau cover. it was damn fast.

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