• If these models came with a third pedal, they'd be the perfect daily driver. That said, I still I hope to have one some day.

  • As someone who loves wagons and owned an 03 IS300 5speed for nine years.

    This rear 3/4 view of this sportcross looks like Sloth from Goonies, and the wheel gap is so enormous it looks like it's got missing teeth.

  • I love these and someday will own one then swap in an LS1T56. I'd maybe even leave it auto so any of my family members could drive it anytime, even the grannies could take the kiddos out. The IS300 is small though, I testdrove a sedan last year when I was seriously considering this wagon style and the car is just very small, I like that but it was easy to see why its in the compact segment, there isn't much room front to rear for seat adjustments, its short in length front to rear like a 90's Civic sedan (or the Integra GSR sedan I used to own). Great fun and rwd is a blast in these. Nice find, good to see them get some love here.

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