• Pretty sure Commander Cody's lincoln had 8 cylinders too… And an immensely better guitar riff. Ask my wife, I made the dj play it at our wedding..haha

  • Oh, I dunno. Cody's riff is indeed funkier but Bond's HRL feels like the sweat on your back against the seat, hot prairie wind blowing your face as you pull of the side of the long, flat highway and onto the gravel patch in front of that place with ice cold beer and spicy as hell BBQ

  • Amazingly, the original Hot Rod Lincoln that the song was based on still exists. It was sold this year at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale for $106,700.


    It was built by Charlie Ryan who both wrote and originally recorded the song. You could buy 9 copies of the '54 Capri above for $107k but the history of the original HRL / Model A is priceless.

  • Very cool car! I think I owned a Capri once in the 90s, and I'm pretty sure it was a Lincoln. Anyway I was just reading on bringatrailer how those guys actually had A Mustang Boss 302 TRAILERED to Oregon for an event instead of driving it. I guess I can see that, wanting to avoid the tedium of driving up highway 1 amidst the most beautiful scenery on Earth. I couldn't stand the annoying racket of solid lifters and steel headers and the clatter of all these cylinders going on at once either! Seriously. That's some car guys over at bringatrailer. One reader called them pussies for it, I guess they haven't had a chance to delete his comment yet. But what does that have to do with this here proud hunk of American iron you might ask? This: bringatrailer is like those bars where hipsters with waxed 'staches serve $18 artisan cocktails to a crowd of poseurs and wannabees chuckling knowingly over the 15th $35000 bmw 2002 of the quarter. DT is like your friendly neighborhood tavern where you chug a few Hamms while catching up with the guys. Nice cars that would actually be fun to own, no attitude and a sense of humor, what more can you ask? Thank you, Daily Turismo!

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