• Didn't Clark trade one of these in for the Family Truckster?
    Very cool wagon. I too dislike the fake wood. What message do these wood stickers convey? Do you want people to believe you built this car in wood working class?
    The price is on the high retail side of the equation, but if you bid them hard, fixed the front seat, detailed the engine bay, and fixed the other hidden horrors you wouldn't lose money on this car.
    Buy now and drive to Hershey Pa in April for the big station wagon fest and exhibit at the AACA Museum.

  • Remove the wood make the front seat right, someone must make a cover kit for these. Detail the engine bay, ie get rid of the surface rust. And get this thing out of the salty air asap. Sorry I can't get this out of the salty air so I'm out.

  • No fan of woodgrain trim, but as a shape, another classic example of an era when GM didn't do ugly cars.

    Well, seldom at least.

  • Probably not a longtime sanibel resident, agreed. Although it may be an original FL car, since both dark blue and black plates were available for 1970 YOM; the pic makes it hard to tell which color played this car has. That front seat recover was a bad idea from the beginning, someone clearly just wanted to get it out of the way. That AC belt notwithstanding, I whod definitely want to check that system out before buying, since it would have likely been worked hard; Sanibel has a decent breeze sometimes but more often than not it is just hot hot hot during most of the year. Pretty, slow-paced town. Lots of shells and starfish…

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