• It's technically a '65 model year mustang, but often called a 64 1/2 due to early production. There was no 64 Mustang.

    The November '64 build would not qualify as 64 1/2, in any case, so this is a regular '65. Note that it has an alternator, as opposed to a generator – that's one way to tell. Anyone thinking about a classic Ford of any type should get a Marti report to confirm the precise build, date, etc.

  • They weren't – aren't – particularly nice cars to drive, the seats suck, the steering sucks, if drum brakes they suck too. This one's a V8 so it'll get out of its own way, but the sixes won't outrun that Subaru 360 that got the Where's Waldo treatment in one of the earlier listings.

    All those things can be fixed, but you'll sacrifice some originality doing so.

    • I actually have a 65 mustang with a 6 (and what used to be a 3spd, now a T5). It doesnt haul ass but definitely keeps up with traffic and gets ~23mpg freeway when I'm not being an idiot.

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