• Good discussion on this car on BaT also…


  • or this 1973 for $2950 – sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/3727530002.html

    or this sweet 1970 for $5500 – sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/3746727929.html

  • ~ gotta good laugh from this reaction on Jalopnik to your 'best money spent' motto by ninjagin
    'Well, to be fair, the best money spent on a car is the money that makes it reliable and enjoyable to drive for many many years and many many thousands of miles after being spent, by the person that spent it.
    -= shakes fist at kids on lawn =-'
    seems he overlooked the implied wisdom of scoring the car after the money was spent by someone else, but i echo the Gran Torino reference. (damn kids)

  • Just Re-read Hunsbloger's piece linked in the above and I gotta believe that this owner of the blue car is steaming over not clearing his B-I-N at 9K for a car that looks as good. tinyurl.com/cw597mo

  • Great story and great work in this car, y'all. I gotta tell ya, tho: I am digging that the seller was features on BAT and then asked you proletariate types if you could please feature his car. Now, I appreciate the maxim of "no such thing as bad publicity" inasmuch as I have benefited from that particular truism once, twice, three times…but DT is a player in this market, and I am happy for y'all.

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