• Love the NA/NB Miatas but they're just a little too tight inside for me to be comfortable.

    The 17in wheels and O-ring tires on the Mazdaspeed are kinda ridiculous, it works better if you get a fatter 15in tire on it.

    • Nice car but the face looks like an angry koi–trying a bit too hard to look agressive. I'll probably buy one to replace my NB anyway. Looks better in person than in the pictures.

  • FIAT is supposed to be re-introducing the 124 Spider later this year or early next. It is rumored to be based on the MX5 platform but with a different engine/transmission and (of course) bodywork. If you are tired of the re-hash from Mazda, wait a bit and check out what FIAT puts on the street. Hopefully Abarth will have their hand in the 124's re-introduction!

    • It's not a rumor, Mazda and FIAT have a deal in place. It will share the mechanicals with the MX5 and be built on the Mazda line in Hiroshima. It will be powered by the FIAT 1.4 used in the 500 and will have different styling. They are supposed to show it in eithe the LA or Franfurt show this fall. I'd rather have the Mazda original vs. FIAT rebadge.

    • I hope it happens, though I'm not willing to place any money on it regardless of what's being reported. This is the wrong car for Fiat to try to sell in the States right now, in my opinion. Their next car should be an actual money maker, not an image sports car. They also can't seem to have decided on exactly what it's going to look like. Here's on image floating around, there are several with differing details, none of which differentiate the car from the ND much.

      [img] i.imgur.com/1ZArIzc.jpg?1[/img]

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