• I stumbled upon this article while looking for design ideas for my very own 1980 gmc caballero diablo. upon further investigation i realized that this IS my very own gmc diablo. i bought the car in july of 2017 fro ma different owner. it is now black and you'll all be happy to know that it has the "Diablo" decals and a hood cowl now.

  • This thing is two and a half hours from me. It sure looks nice but any car for sale here absolutely needs a PPI. The air is salty and muggy as to stick to any metal surface. They use road salt and if this is a Canadian car I'm sure in its early life it was a year round daily driver. But it could be, like so many older cars here was brought up from a more car friendly state. Still a PPI is a MUST.

  • GMC Caballero Diablo

    3.8 V6 (no V8 was offered in the Diablo)
    I believe that hp ranged from 105 to 115 through the years
    I have not been able to determine how many of the roughly 37,400 Caballero produced were sold as Diablos.
    The Diablo outlived the Royal Knight

    [img] pickuptrucks.com/trucks/IMAGES/stories/history/utes/caballero.jpg[/img]

    • most had 305 v8s pretty sporty.
      mines a 82 Diablo automatic 170 hp
      they were rust dipped then primer dipped most were garaged well kept.
      mine costed 12000.00
      as much as a base corvette
      in all the years only 54 diablos were made
      F41 Four link suspension
      Mine has flat top pistons 416 HO heads 4 barrel carb
      so even though they had small pistons 9.5 to1 compression
      LOW on tork high on HP aluminum z28 manafold basicaly a 82 Z28 motor
      Pretty sporty ride 4 speed is a plus you ding dongs LOL
      very cush interiors
      Caballo means horse
      Lero THE Devil

  • ~ K2
    'Diablo never carried a V8 engine as standard equipment'
    V8 engines WERE offered from the options list, though not as standard equipment.The V6 remained standard throughout the run.

    • True, but I've been lead to believe that you could not combine the two (Diablo + V8) from the factory…though there's no reason you couldn't do it with help from the aftermarket, as DT pointed out. I also read that this and the Royal Knight were supposed to be "upgrades" beyond the SS, but I don't see how that could be with the V6.

  • Is this the market value now for this generation El Camino? I ask because there's a car lot near me with a 8 out of 10 black El Camino in great shape for $6k.

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