• I am a big fan of the Puma and this isn't a bad example (save for the diamond plate). I isn't a type 4 pancake but a type 1 upright standard 1600cc (ask me how I know). When you lower it a bout an 1 1/5 and put some vintage Porsche rims on it it really looks greats. This from a guy who owns a 1969 Karmann Ghia for the last 14 years. This is one of the better kits out there.

  • This one's been on CL in Boston a bunch, probably since at least last fall. I dunno what the deal with the seller is…

    But he's inspired at least one RE: at CL.

    Response Ad

    Apparently the seller took the original ad down, it must have been inspired people to actually email him? Anyway, reposted ad is here:

    Reposted Original

  • Youre all too funny..I own the car..Chef Nikos !! And wait until you see the motor bring.installed…one of the.best vw/porsche shops.in Iowa just shipped a stunning new 1640 dual carbed engjne to my NH mechanics.. tbe.install will begin monday.alng with a beautiful Monza GT header system..4 into 2 Pipes out tbe back!! New clutch..new brakes..etc..Im moving from.Massachusetts to Miami in November..if anyone wants to buy it..ill take ten grand cash..nvalhouli@aol.com

  • FYI ! 10000 cash BUYS IT ! Cash on my kitchen table folks ! I JUST INSTALLED a new dual carbed1640 cc engine gorgeous MONZA GT Exhaust…4 INTO 2 PIPES ..New brakes…new gauges..new GOODYEAR Eagle GT Tires…waiting on NEW RIMS ! I. IT PUUURRRRRRZZZZ VROOM VROOM

    • What is your issue ? I don't have to prove a thing to you..I'm a 55year old man that has collected exotics all his life.Prove by photo I put a new engine in my car?? PROVE IT? You're nothing to me..

    • oh, nick – your fuel mix running a bit lean? – or is that your meatloaf?

      where i'm from, "go on then" is an idiomatic expression intended to express honest enthusiastic encouragement – as in: "fancy a back rub?" – "go on then"

      here, the intent was as if i had said: "cool! – new motor! – show us, show us, show us! – we love to see new motors installed!"

      come down off the ceiling and show us photos of your engine, you spicy meatloaf

  • when will people just be enthused about another RARE CAR BEING REVIVED…..INSTEAD OF ALL YOUR DUMB COMMENTS…TAPE? Holding the windows in? Why not praise a purist? I was driving PUMA CONVERTIBLES IN 1981 while living in Tokyo for 7years as a chef….how about a I've thousand dollar infusion I just invested into this beautiful car that I've appreciated for 25 years…grow up kiddies !

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