• Alright… So go buy ten of those vacum packed brick of rags and cut them in half.. Drive around slowly with the crazy music cranked until you attract a huge crowd. Load half of a brick into cannon and blast. People will think they hit the jackpot until they unwrap their wrecked cotton shirts. If they don't like it just tell em that the cannon shredded their prize.

  • Agreed. That is verifiability creepy. Here's another car that gets my vote:

    [img] 3.bp.blogspot.com/-W2PnNz7gGoU/T58xwXBgKwI/AAAAAAAAGoM/7RxTZiiw6rE/s1600/THE-CAR.png[/img]

    And also:

    [img] farm1.staticflickr.com/51/281980987_3d467d9fdb_z.jpg[/img]

    There's a smorgasboard of disturbing images at The Guy in The Creepy Van.

  • Just to clarify for those unfamiliar with the origin of the vehicle: in the game the car acts as a man-cannon. Pedestrians caught in front of the car get sucked into the car mouth and loaded into the cannon. Genki is inspired by wacky Japanese game shows and things like Extreme Elimination Challenge. While the car is still arguably creepy, there isn't much of a child-attracting intent there.

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