• Wow, when inspiration cuts in, DT is on another PLANET!

    I didn't immediately see where you were going, and I was getting a 1960s coffee house vibe, but by the end, it was "Friday Night Videos" flashbacks all the way. Thanks for a great morning laugh!

  • I'd rock it. It would be with much pride that I'd ask myself what it would take to work to make it work. While I was lucky…lookin' for clues, I'd be busy casting a spell under a Spanish moon. How much fun would every kinda people see this car as? I know I would.

  • It's got a whiff of Sterling to it.

    Which sent me poking around the Sterling end of the Googlesphere, I had no idea where that whole design had gone over the past couple decades. It looks like there was SOMETHING of an effort to make a real car out of it, but they've kinda struggled down the road.

  • That's my home town! Never saw this one.
    Coming in on HWY26 from the east, population 951. From the west, population 1040.
    In high school, Masid Chevrolet had a C4 Grand Sport for a while. I loved that blue. Lots of classic, hot rod old man types in this town. Studebaker pickups to Fox Bodies. I have a couple friends there that went to WyoTech when they still taught lead filling, as opposed to the 1/8" standard Bondo that they teach now.

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