• The old Volvos are solid cars and definitely have 'personality', but it's kind of a lazy sort of behavior, slow steering and the old B18s I've driven rev about as enthusiastically as an old Mercedes diesel. The steering, the shifter, they're not exactly vague but they trade a lot of travel to get the effort down.

    It's not a character that really suits me, but if it's your thing have at it.

  • Nice honest car. Really can't go wrong with this one. The pop top sunroof is a bit unfortunate, but it minor. Nice color, but doesn't appear original.

  • Great style to these, with enough potential to make for a rewarding project. The ipd catalogue can make the Amazon a decent handler, and the familial engine transplants are well-documented, providing ample-if not necessarily alarming-oomph. Of course, there are rumors of a custom fab front end utilizing mustang II steering that supposedly really transforms the driving experience, but I don't think that customers have seen one yet.

  • If the phrase "Slow but dependable" applies to any car, this is it. As DrDel points out, you can make them go fast, but
    I prefer the Tractor engine as it was designed. The drawback to me is the Weber carb 'upgrade'. A well-tuned pair of stock SU's has been proven to be better from low down torque to 'high' rpm driving.

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