• Y'all keep finding these and posting them and, I swear, every time you do this it is specifically to torture me somehow. These M5s just do THAT thing for me, even though I've never driven one. Ironically enough, its the prices being so low that give me such pause; almost like, "okay, now how much is it REALLY going to take to get this car into reliable DD rotation?" I need to just buy stuff like this M5 and the Volvos and the cheap, cool, older American iron stuff y'all feature and flip them after driving them for a few months. That's the only way this diffuse carpox rash will ever be scratched…

    • Perhaps the 6.9 was the first 4-dr muscle car, but "sports car" implies being able to handle as well. In that respect, the M5 has it beat.

  • I love the website, and the cars you find and post.
    If you could do anything, a little more work on the automotive history would help. M5 as first four-door sports car? Back before world war two, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Jaguar, Rover, Bugatti, as well as plenty of others would sell you a saloon built on sports car chassis. Some of them were bespoke and to order, others were produced and sold to the general public. Post WWII, cars like the Alfa Romeo 1900ti… the list is just really really long.

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