• The third photo down in the eBay listing (head on at the front of the car) is a sight I cannot unsee. Those headlights look like Lego pieces that slot into the grill backboard. Uggh.

  • Ad reads, "3.0 liter engine", and manufacturer's plate reads, "181 CID", so this is the standard Opel 3.0 liter engine. Towards end of production run, tuner Mantzel supplied 3.9 liter version, rated at 210 PS (HP) DIN, vs. 180 PS from the very oversquare 3.0. Lots more torque from the still oversquare 3.9. Would be a good performer with 5 sp manual.

    Peter N

  • Is it me or if it's really dark and you squint your eyes it kinda looks like a BMW 8 Series? Either way the fact that a 'driver" let those Buick seats past tech inspection is laughable. Puffy but no bolster support. Circa 1988 called and they want there seats back.

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