• A lot of car for 10 grand, but I've driven old Audis and can tell you that the dealer maintenance bills can be brutal. Just drive it for a year and sell it before everything blows up?

  • I like this car a lot but the maintenance scares me too much to pull the trigger. I like seeing some cars on the East coast for a change. Keep them coming!

  • Concur – this is a great touring car, but the v8 made the car lose the charm of the 6-cyl S4. That said, it would be fantastic to own – it's got 'road-trip' written all over it! However – and I know, having owned a 5000-turbo for 5 years & then a v8 quattro for another 5 – maintenance is costly, though not astronomical if you mailorder parts from eurospares. But if you skimp on it even once the car will charge you back, with interest.

    I remember the sound my jaw made hitting the shop floor the first time I did a really major tune-up on the v8 quattro. A set of plug-wires cost over $900 – in 1996 !!

  • ~ 'somewhere into the E46 M3, STi, Evo, CTS-V, C43-AMG & Mazdaspeed6 landscape'
    damn nice turf, i say. one of them cars you like to drive but love to let someone else maintain. under those circumstances i'll take it.

  • The black wheel treatment is "to taste" perhaps, but the faux 2005.5 front-end treatment is just flat-out cheesy.

    I'm an interior snob, and Audi was really nailing them here – can't say enough positive things about Audi interior quality and feel. Residing in New England, the S4's V8/manual transmission/quattro AWD combination is a big win year round also.

    As others have noted, at 9-years-old and 120K miles, the maintenance cost is going to make the (optimistic) $10K purchase price look like a downpayment. Even if you do a lot of the work yourself, the parts are expensive, and you'll be buying them more often than you expect.

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