• ~ WTF? STEAL THIS CAR!! i've been a fan of Jags That Run and Stealth Conversions since i first got the conversion manual in the early '90s. i've driven a number of XJS and XJ6 cars with GM V8s and feel they are a tremendous value in budget hot-rods. i hope some lucky DT reader pulls the cord on this!

  • Amazing buy.

    The domestic v8 swap seems perfect for the gentlemanly muscle tourer that these always were; they were clearly never sports cars. Great shape to these, too. Looked so fast just sitting there. Headlamps on these were soooooo much better than the later wide-eyes.

  • ~ oooo, @ Shane S – heartbreak. there must be 3 or 4 times the hammer price just in small parts …. without peeking inside or under the hood. but keep your finger on the pulse – there will be another. in TX you're right in the pocket.

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