• I guess breaking the plug off in the head must have traumatized the owner, because the more recent photos are awfully shaky.

    I still kind of like the profile look on this thing. The colour and the moon hubcaps help it. Not enough to want to tow it 2000 km home, though….

  • Looks like something some kid would have doodled on his middle school notebook in the '70s for what an El Camino would look like in the 80's.

  • I hate it when gearheads get all euro in their car references. So, please forgive me when I suggest that the Peugeot Expert Tepee (how's THAT for a name!?!) reminds me of the dearly departed Lumina APV.

    It's hard to argue that these GM people haulers were much good. But I think they were onto something and should have been followed up with something in the same vein. Personally, I'd love a smaller minivan that had a feature similar to Fiat-Chrysler's "Stow-n-go" with a low floor height. I don't subscribe to the bigger is better thinking that's been happening and that's why we have second gen Mazda MPV in our fleet. Both the APV and MPV had wheelbases around 110 inches, which was just perfect for us.

    We can't cry for GM too much though, because the U-platform lives on. Just not here. The gorgeous (for a minivan) Buick GL8 uses it and should be sold here in the States. Oh no, I pulled the euro snobbery card again. Sorry about that. The GL8 has a longer wheelbase, which would probably work better here anyway.

    I wish I could post a picture of the GL8, but I can't.

    • In fact, I do like the Zafira. I think it would have been a good vehicle for Subaru to offer here in the States, never having had a proper MPV. It wouldn't have sold, but still (clearly, I don't work for them because that would have been a stupid move). It's too bad 'Mericans don't like their 7-seater MPVs compact. All they'd have to do is jack them up, slap on some more plastic, call it a crossover and they'd have a sales hit!

    • Having done some time in decade-old Zafira recently, best I can say is: it's a marvel of just-barely-acceptable-ness. It goes, stops, carries people and things.

      The little engine and weird gear ratios made every launch an adventure, especially when loaded (van, not me). Did I ever stall it? Yep. Em-freaking-barassing. Then did I over-rev all the freaking time? Yep.

      Interior plasticky. Just enough space. Just functional enough acceleration, handling, braking, ride, etc. etc.

      Getting back into my E39 540 was a revelation. I know that's a golden apples and moldy oranges comparison, but to have every function be about as good as it can be…

    • Kaibeezy,

      Have you ever driven an OPC? I'd imagine that would be a better experience, but wouldn't know as they've never sold them here (other than the other vehicles related to the Astra). I'd also like to try one of the new 2.0 CDTI Bi-Turbo S/S models. 300 lb/ft in my minivan? Why, yes, thank you very much.

      I always thought the Delta platform had more potential than the Saturn Ion showcased. Turns out I was right (for once) – there are plenty of relatively successful cars based on that platform (ELR not being a shining example). In my opinion, the cars based on the Delta platform are some of the best "normal" cars in the snow out there, AWD or otherwise. Those things are nearly unstoppable unless the depth of the snow gets to be a problem.

  • You might start here.

    Here's a video walk around.

    The video claims it seats 6, not 7. Is that true, in your experience? If so, I'd be less interested in it, like the Mazda5.

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